• Who is Ecotrel ?

    The Grand-ducal regulation transposing the European directives 2002/95/EC and 2002/96/CE makes mandatory collection and treatment of electrical and electronic equipments since 2005.

    In 2004 after the publication of the directives, 43 Luxembourg companies which import these kind of equipments in our country have decided to create the non-profit making association Ecotrel, which supports the collection and recycling of these equipments throughout Luxembourg.

    The Grand-ducal regulation of 30/07/2013 transposing the European directive 2012/19/EU complets the obligations of the various stakeholders, namely producers, importers, distributors, municipalities and consumers.

    Currently, over 600 companies of different sizes and from different sectors are affiliated to Ecotrel and contribute with their funding to improve the environment in which we live.

  • Why a recycling fee?

    Since the 1st of January 2006, you pay a recycling fee when you buy a new electrical and electronic equipment in Luxembourg. This fee is used to:

    - finance the collection and treatment of waste of electrical and electronic equipments coming back in municipal waste disposal centre.

    - ensure that the purchased unit will also be collected and recycled professionally in the future when you will get rid of it.

    The free acceptance of waste of electrical and electronic equipments prevents illegal dumping of those waste in the nature.

  • What equipments are involved?

    Equipments that are subject to a recycling fee are grouped in 10 categories:

    1) Large household appliances
    These are large machines such as refrigerators, freezers, but also dishwashers, ovens, hoods, mobile heaters, .

    2) Small household appliances
    There are in this category, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, cooking appliances such as coffee maker, blender, ...

    3) Computing and telecommunication equipment
    Are concerned, computers and other various IT appliances such as : screens, mouses, keyboards, external modems, scanners, printers, but also phones, mobile phones, faxes, ...

    4) Audio-visual appliances
    This category includes TVs, DVD players, cameras, stereos, radios, ...

    5) Lighting equipment
    This category concerns light sources like compact fluorescent lamp, retrofit LED lamp, plane fluorescent, but also all lighting devices except strictly professional lighting devices for high intensity discharge lamps (pressure sodium, metal halide, low pressure sodium, mercury vapor).

    6) Electric tools and gardening equipment
    Anything for working in your house or maintain your garden like drills, screwing tools, trimmers, electric chain saw, ...

    7) Toys, leisure and sports equipment
    All toys and equipment for recreation and sports working with batteries or plugged like electric trains, home trainers, ...

    8) Medical devices
    Only electric household medical appliances like inhaler, glucometer, .

    9) Monitoring and control instruments
    These are smoke detectors, measuring instruments, thermostat, alarm system, ...

    10) Automatic dispensers
    Automatic dispensers for hot or cold drinks, food, money, .

  • Amount due in recycling fees

    Large household appliances

    • 1.1 Refrigeration appliances 10,06 VAT included
      Absorption cool / freezer box, Air conditioner, Air dehumidifier, Combination refrigerator and freezer appliance, Freezer - Chest, Freezer - Upright, Matress with air conditionning system, Minifridge / Wine Minifridge / Bottlecooler / Winecooler, Refrigerator, Wine refrigerator / Wine temperature adjustment cupboard
    • 1.2. Large appliances 3,51 € VAT included
      Combination washing machine and dryer, Dishwasher, Electric cooker, Gas cooker with electric/electronic heating element, Ironing machine, Spin dryer, Solarium / Solar sky with overhead lamps, Sunbed, Tumble dryer , Washing machine
    • 1.3. Medium-sized appliances 0,11 € VAT included
      Combination oven (grill, microwave, .), Cooker Hood, Electric cooking or hot plates (multiple), Gas cooking or hot plates (multiple), Microwave oven, Mini washing machine / Portable washing machine, Oven, Oil-containing radiator, Steam cleaner
    • 1.4. Heaters and fans 0,11 € VAT included
      Ceiling-mounted fan, Cooling / Heating appliance, Electric blanket, Electric underblanket / Mattress warmers, Heating appliance for baby, Heating cushion, Heating footrest, Minifridge / Wine Minifridge / Bottlecooler / Winecooler, Mobile heater , Personal fan, Wall fan

    Small household appliances

    • 2.1. Cleaning and sewing appliances 0,47 € VAT
      Combination vacuum cleaner / Floor cleaner, Floor cleaner, Floor polisher, Knitting machine, Oversew machine, Sewing machine, Shoe brush, Trouser press
    • 2.2. Small household appliances 0,11 € VAT included
      Active ironig board, Acupuncture appliance, Air dehumidifier, Air humidifier, Air purifier / Airing appliances, Airbed with electric pump, Alarm clock, Animal collar (RF Technology), Anti-cellulitis appliance, Anti-wrinkle appliance, Aromatherapy device, Automatic Dustbin, Bag sealer, Barbecue, Barbecue poker, Beard trimmer, Beer brewing kettle, Blender, Bottle opener, Bottle refresher, Bottle warmer / Cup warmer, Bread maker, Breathalyzer, Cake / Muffin / Pie / Tartelet maker, Can opener / Knife sharpener, Candy floss cloud machine, Cat box, Cellular stimulation device, Cereal bar maker, Cheese grater, Cheese maker, Chocolate fountain / Chocolate maker, Chopper-grinder, Clothes care appliance, Coffee grinder, Coffee maker, Cover unscrewer, Curler set, Curlig iron / Tongs, Deep fat fryer, Depilatory kit, Digital spoon scale, Dish warmer, Disposable electric razor, Dust and/or water vacuum cleaner, Dustbuster / Vaccuum cleaners, Egg Boiler, Electric back scratcher, Electric cigarette, Electric insoles, Electric kettle, Electric knife, Electric mouthwash and/or toothbrush and/or irrigator, Electric razor, Electric shoe deodorizer, Electric slimming pants, Electric wok, Electrical cigarette roller, Electronic moneybox, Espresso maker, Express cooker, Face cleaner / peeling, Facial cleanser, Facial massage appliance, Facial sauna, Facial tanner, Filling and bottling machine, Flagrance diffusers / Air fresheners, Fondue set, Food processor, Food waste dryer, Foot massage / thalassotherapy appliances, Fritter and donut machine, Fruit and vegetable peeler, Fruit squeezzer, Fruit, herb, vegetable dryer, Gourmet set, Grill, Grill-stone, Hair colouring appliances, Hair dryer, Hair drying hood, Hair trimmer, Hairstyler, Halogen cooker, Hand-held blender, Heated Coat / Gilet, Heated Eyelash curler, Heating apetizer appliance, Hotdog maker, Ice maker / Ice grinder, Icing bag, Individual clock, Infrared cooker, Infra-red lamp, Insect killer / insect expeler / anti-insect, Insect killer racket, Insect killer with tablets and/or liquid, Ionic Comb, Ionic Steamer, Iron, Juicer, Kitchen scales, Knife sharpener / Scissor sharpener, Manicure and/or pedicure appliances, Mascara applicator, Massage cushion / top seat, Massage machine (including hydromassage), Massaging glasses, Meat grinder, Milk frother, Milkshake maker / Cocktailshake maker, Mini steam cleaner, Mixture maker, Mobile radiation panel, Mulled wine machine, Multi party (pancake party), Muscle stimulation device, Nose and ear hair trimmer, Pacifier sterilizer, Pasta machine, Personal fan, Personal scales, Phototherapy appliance (Bright light), Pizza pan, Plancha, Plate warmer / Warming appliance, Pocket sawing machine, Popcorn maker, Pressure cooker, Raclette maker, Rice cooker, Salt / Pepper / Spice grinder, Sandwich / Panini maker, Sauce-boat, Sauna belt, Simmer machine, Slicing machine, Soap dispenser, Soda maker, Sorbet / Ice-cream maker, Steam iron with or without external steam generator, Steame cooker, Steriliser, Stopwatch - Watch, Stove-top or hot plate (single), Stove-top Teppan Yaki, Sunless tanning lotion spray gun appliance, Tajin, Tea machine, Teeth whitening machine, Time-switch, Toasted sandwichmaker, Toaster, Trimmers / Grooming brush for animals, Ultrasonic cleaner, Ultrasonic stain remover, Ultraviolet sterilizer, Vacuum sealer, Waffle iron, Water filter / Limescale neutraliser, Water fountain, Weather station, Whirlpool carpet, Window cleaning vacuum, Wine thermometer, Woll defuzzer, Yoghurt maker

    Computing and telecommunication equipment

    • 3.0. Personal computers 0,68 € VAT included
      Complete Personal Computer (case + keyboard + mouse)
    • 3.1. Personal computers and typewriter 0,47 € VAT included
      Computer case, Desktop Personal Computer, Electric/electronic typewriter
    • 3.2. LCD/TFT/CRT/Plasma/Led Monitors 2,34 € VAT included
    • 3.3. Laptops, Tablets and Digital Photo Displays 0,47 € VAT included
      Digital Photo Display, Laptop / Netbook / Notebook / Tablet / E-Book computer
    • 3.4. All-in-one devices / Fax / Hard-copy printers / Photocopiers 0,47 € VAT included
      3D Printer, Copying device / All-in-one device, Fax machine, Printer
    • 3.5. Small IT equipment and telecommunication devices 0,11 € VAT included
      Answering machine, Augmented reality glasses, Calculator with or without printing facility, Code generator, Computer keyboard, Computer loudspeakers, Computer mouse, pointing, game device, Dictaphone, Digital photo display keyring, Digital white board, External drive, wifi routers, etc., Foot pedal for dictating machines, Games computer, GPS/ navigation/ geolocalisation / driving assistance units, GSM (mobile telephone) / Smartphone, Handheld computer / PDA / Pocket PC / Organiser, Home telephone exchange, Hubs / Switches / Routers / Modems / Access Points / Printserver / Repeater, Laminating machine / Binding machine, Laptop / Notebook / Netbook cooler, Message reporter, Motion detection peripheral device, Other devices working on the USB port, Paper shredder, Pencil sharpener, Portable tape converter, Powerline Ethernet, Projector, Scanner, Scanning pen, Security camera / IP, Wifi, 3G camera, Slide / Negative scanner, Slide / Projector screen, Stapler (for office use), Telephone, UPS - Nobreak, Webcam

    Audio-visual appliances

    • 4.1. Image reproduction appliances less or equal than 40 inches 1,17 € VAT included
      All television screens / monitors with tuner converting television signals into images, including combination with TV/DVD/videorecorder/computer and "rear view" TV with size less or equal than 40 inches
    • 4.2. Image reproduction appliances larger than 40 inches 5,85 € VAT included
      All television screens / monitors with tuner converting television signals into images, including combination with TV/DVD/videorecorder/computer and "rear view" TV with size larger than 40 inches
    • 4.3. Audio-visual devices and music instruments 0,11 € VAT included
      Active loudspeaker / docking station, Alarm clock, Alarm installation, Antenna / Distributing amplifier, Antenna with incorporated amplifier, Antenna without incorporated amplifier, Anti-drowsiness alarm, Audio amplifier / Egaliser, Audio amplifier and DVD, Baby Alarm, Babyphone / Babytalker, Battery charger, Camera printer, Car audio / video item, Car audio / video package, Car audio amplifier / Egaliser, CD / CD-MP3 / Mini-disc player, CD, DVD, Blu-ray reparation/cleaning device, Citizen Band (CB) Radiotransmitter, Digital piano, Digital Video Converter, Docking station, Drum, DVD / HD DVD/ Blu ray/ Digital Player,Recorder, Electric field glass / Telescope / Night glass, Electric guitar, Electric organ, Grip control, Guitar pedal and appliances to tune them in, Hands-free kit, Hard-disc recorder, HDMI / Scart / Audio switch, Headphone with wire or wireless, Home theater set, Intercom system, Keychain locator, Laser disc player, Laser Pointer, Megaphone, Microphone, Mini, midi and micro audio system, MP3 / MP4 Player, MP3 FM Transmitter, Multimedia network player, Passive loudspeakers, Photo camera (analog), Photo camera (digital), Pocket alarm , Portable radio and audio appliances, Portable radio without buit-in loudspeakers / Scan radios, Portable system for reproduction of sound and images with, battery or operting on 12 volts, Power adapter / Charger, Presence / Television simulator, Radio / Tuner / TV Receiver, Radio alarm clock, Record player, Remote control, Satellite / Terrestrial / Demodulateur receiver, Satellite dish, Satellite finder, Slide projector, Soundmixer / Mixing board, Synthetiser, Talkie-Walkie, Tape / Cassette / CD / MD player / Recorder, Video / 3D glasses, Video camera, Video editing equipment / Video and sound mixer, Video player / Recorder, Combination Video player / Recorder and DVD, Blu-ray player / Recorder, Video printer, Videophone, Wireless video transmitter

    Lighting equipment

    • 5.1. Lighting device 0,11 € VAT included
      All lighting devices except lighting devices for high intensity discharge lamps (pressure sodium, metal halide, low pressure sodium, mercury vapor)
    • 5.2. Light sources 0,08 € VAT included
      Compact fluorescent lamp, Retrofit LED lamp, Plane fluorescent
    • 5.3. Lighting device with 1 light source 0,19 € VAT included
    • 5.4. Lighting device with 2 light sources 0,27 € VAT included
    • 5.5. Lighting device with 3 light sources 0,35 € VAT included
    • 5.6. Lighting device with 4 light sources 0,43 € VAT included

    Electric tools and gradening equipment
    (excepted large, fixed industrial tools)

    • 6.1. Electrical gardening equipment and electrical tools 0,11 € VAT included
      Aeration pump for pond, Angle sleeker/spatula, Aquarium pump / filter, Band saw, Belt/strip sander, Bolting machine, Brush cutter - Trimmer, Burnishing machine, Cable churn drill - impact drill, Cable, metal detector, Car polisher, Chain saw, Chipping or demolition hammer, Circular saw, Composter, Compressor, Concrete Planer, Copying milling cutter, Dethatcher, Diamond core drill for wet and dry drilling, Disc harrow, Drill, Edge trimmer (nylon), Electric concrete mixer, Electric hoist, Electronic welding mask, Engraving device, Evacuation pump, Flooring cutter, Garden tiller, Glue gun, Grass shears, Grinder, Grinder , Heat gun, Hedge trimmer, High pressure cleaner, Impact wrench, Injection gun, Jackhammer, Jigsaw, Jointer, Laser level, Laser telemeter, Lawn aerator / corer, Lawn mower / Robotic lawn mower, Leaf blower / Vacuum sweeper, Metal saw with blade, Minitool (proxon-dremel), Mitre saw, Mixer, Mole expeler, Multifunctional machine, Nibbler, Orbital rotor sander, Orbital sander, Paint gun, Paint roller, Paint stripper, Plane, Plane for concrete, Pond pump / Fountain pump, Power generator, Pruner, Pruning shears, Rechargeable air pump, Reciprocating saw / Pendulum saw / Sword saw, Right grinder, Rotary disc cut-off machine, Router plane, Screw gun, Shears, Shrub shears, Sprayer, Stapler / Nail machine, Straight wheel grinder, Table circular saw, Tapping machine, Three-sided sander, Tiles cutter, Torque wrench, Tyre pressure controller, Tyre pump, Universal cutter, Vacuum and/or blower, Vacuum cleaner for electrical tools, Void unwelding station, Voltage inverter, Wallpaper steamer, Welding iron / unwelding iron, Welding machine (single-phase), Well pump, Wood splitting machine

    Toys, leisure and sports equipment

    • 7.1. Toys, leisure and sports equipment under 10 kg 0,11 € TTC
      Electric trains or car racing sets, Hand-held video game consoles, Toys with battery, Toys with accumulator, Other toys with power cord, Computers for biking, diving, running, rowing, etc., Sports equipment with electric or electronic components, Gadgets
    • 7.2. Toys, leisure and sports equipment over 10 Kg 0,11 € TTC
      Toys with battery, Toys with accumulator, Other toys with power cord, Computers for biking, diving, running, rowing, etc.

    Medical devices (with the exception of all implanted and infected products)

    • 8.1. Household medical appliances 0,11 € TTC
      All electric household medical appliances

    Monitoring and control instruments

    • 9.1. Monitoring instruments with CRT / TFT / LCD / LED screen 0,47 € TTC
      Monitoring instruments
    • 9.2. Other monitoring or control instruments 0,11 € TTC
      Smoke detector, Heating regulators, Thermostats, Measuring, weighing or adjusting for household or as laboratory equipment
  • What should I do with waste of electrical and electronic equipments?

    To make sure that your devices are recycled in an environmentally friendly way, you can :

    - return them in a municipal waste disposal centre.

    - return them to the retailer when purchasing a new device of the same type or similar function.

    - return them without obligation to purchase at retailers whose sales area is greater than 400 m2 when all the external dimensions of the device are less than 25 cm.

    - you can also return them at the mobile collections regulary organised by the SuperDrecksKëscht fir Biirger initiative (see conditions on www.sdk.lu).

    You can visit www.e-collect.lu to see what solutions your municipality offers.

    List of the accredited social service companies:

    Lions Club Luxembourg - Roude Leiw: collection of mobile phones

    Nei Aarbecht SARL: Collection of big / small household appliances, screens, cooling appliances, climate control appliances, dehumidifier, compact fluorescent lamps and tubular fluorescent lamps

    List of collectors accredited by Ecotrel for waste coming from private household

    1 2 3 4 5 6
    Luxdébarras x x x x x x

    1 : Large household appliances
    2 : Small household appliances
    3 : Screens (CRT, Flat, Laptops, Digital Photo Display, Portable DVD player)
    4 : Refrigeration appliances, climate control appliances and air dehumidifiers
    5 : Plane and compact fluorescent lamps
    6 : Oil-containing radiator

  • What happens to waste of electrical and electronic equipments ?

    The discarded appliances are sorted by category and routed to specific grouping centers. Depending on their nature, they will be manually disassembled for their clearance and the different fraction obtained sent to adapted treatment plants for recycling and extracting of secondary raw materials that can be reused by the industry. That's how ferrous metals will be reused in the steel industry for casting steel used to manufacture a range of products that surround our daily lives. Copper, zinc, aluminum will be used to manufacture electronic components or cables.

    Plastics will meet as master batches which are then molded or extruded in various of plastic pieces used in many applications ranging from automotive to decoration.

    Some devices are subject to special treatments. Old fridges contain CFCs or Freon gases responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer. These greenhouse effect gases are extracted for their elimination. Polyurethane foam residues from refrigerators insulation are used to make a powder used especially by fire brigades as oil and other hydrocarbon absorbent.

    The CRT monitors contain heavy metals such as strontium, barium or lead, worth to be transformed in raw materials.

    Finally, in general, even if Ecotrel encourages the reuse of certain electrical and electronic equipment such as mobile phones or small devices, we avoid the reuse refrigerators, large white appliances and televisions that are often very inefficient compared with new appliances placed on the market by producers.

  • What does the symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin mean?

    All appliances marked with the above symbol of a crossed-out wheeled bin may not be thrown in the bin with other waste.


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